"Japanese bidet seat with nano bubble generator"

Clean your butt and toilet with the power of nano bubble cleaning.

This economical bidet requires no electricity or batteries.

Kirei & NanoWash is a patented product developed by a Japanese cleansing toilet seatsmanufacturer and nano bubble

Non-electric bidet feature with adjustable spray volume
Independent self-cleaning dual nozzles for effective front and back cleansing

HIGH-QUALITY PARTS: Enjoy dual nozzles for rear and front washes, a gentle closing lid , and sturdy, sittableseat .

Lime Removal Filter:Since it includes a lime filter, this toilet seat can be used without any issues even in areas with hard water.

EASY INSTALLATION: This elongated bidet toilet seat measures [dimensions] and can easily be self-installed in minutes — no plumbers necessary!

Products that help protect our planet’s essential resources. From water-saving showers and lower-waste water filtration to bidets that help reduce toilet paper and energy use, we’re helping you live more sustainably and it feels better already.

Cleanliness in the tank, handwashing area, nozzles, and toilet bowl—all assisted with nano-bubble cleaning water!

Recommended for those who value cleanliness and busy individuals alike.
It helps prevent stubborn stains, making daily cleaning enjoyable without fail

Equipped with patented nano-bubble generation core: Just flush to clean tank dirt and toilet bowl stains!

What is Nano bubble?

Nanobubbles are air bubbles with a diameter of 100 nanometers. In contrast, the diameter of a pore is typically around 20-500 micrometers (µm). A micrometer is a unit larger than a nanometer (nm) by a factor of 1,000.

In the United States, nanobubbles are defined as extremely small gas bubbles with diameters typically less than 100 nanometers (nm). Due to their tiny size, nanobubbles have the following characteristics:

  1. Stability: Nanobubbles are much more stable than regular bubbles and can exist in water for extended periods.
  2. Large Surface Area: Because of their very small size, the same amount of gas forms nanobubbles with a much larger surface area compared to regular bubbles.
  3. Unique Physicochemical Properties: Nanobubbles exhibit different behaviors compared to regular bubbles, affecting water solubility and reactivity.

Nanobubbles are utilized in various fields, including environmental remediation, agriculture, healthcare, and food processing. Their small size and unique properties make them effective in promoting certain chemical reactions and removing microscopic contaminants.

In the United States, research and application of nanobubbles are advancing, with various industries exploring their potential uses.

Nanobubble Generator

The nano bubble cleansing water is jet-sprayed to gently and thoroughly clean your bottom and delicate areas.

Even stool that adheres stubbornly to the wrinkles and crevices of the anus can be easily removed as the nano bubbles ionically attract and lift away the dirt.

Kirei Nano Wash employs a proprietary filter to ensure reliable operation even with hard water (well water).

Equipped as standard with a filter that can be used even in hard water areas or with well water.

Simple filter cleaning resolves lime blockages. In hard water areas, lime blockages invariably cause malfunctions.

"In the United States, one of the biggest reasons why the widespread adoption of heated bidet seats, like in Japan, did not progress is primarily due to the hard water in municipal water supplies."

"Universal design"

"We have adopted a 'lever' for intuitive operation by anyone."

"Just tilt the lever to easily operate 'Rear Wash,' 'Bidet Wash,' 'Adjust Water Jet Strength,' and 'Stop,' all with a single action."

"We have designed it to be easy to understand and use for everyone, regardless of age, gender, international cultural differences, or disabilities, ensuring that even children will not experience misoperation."

A wrench is required for installation.

Accessories: Template (for positioning the main body), mounting bolts, washers, nuts for mounting bolts, branch joint (with filter and packing), standard 50cm water supply hose (with packing), base plate (main body fixing plate), fixing parts (used only for toilets where nuts cannot be tightened from below), NanoWash (valve fittings with nanobubble unit and packing).

Planning and Development Country:Japan

Country of Manufacture: Kirei (Made in China), Nanobubble generator(Made in Japan) *Water faucet (Made in Japan)

Warranty Period: Manufacturer's warranty for one year

Q: What should I do if I find an initial defect?
A: In the event of an initial defect, please contact us within two weeks of delivery, and we will replace the product with a substitute.

Q: What should I do if the bidet seat breaks?
A: We offer a free replacement for initial defects and natural malfunctions within one year of purchase. Please keep the warranty card that shows the purchase date in a safe place.

Q: Is this product made in Japan?
A: The main unit (bidet seat) is a product designed in Japan but is manufactured in our partner factory in China, so it is made in China. The nanobubble generation unit is produced in a factory in Japan. Additionally, the planning, development, design, assembly, packaging, and shipping of the product are all conducted in Japan.

Q: Can this be installed on my toilet?
A: If your toilet has a retrofit bidet seat, it can usually be installed. However, it cannot be added to integrated bidet-toilet combinations.